Gorgeous {Cincinnati Family Photographer}

When my friend, Amanda, who is also a photographer and a pretty darn amazing one at that asked me to take her families photos I was super excited (and maybe a bit nervous, haha!) ! Her boys are just gorgeous and well.. of course so is she!  It was so much fun seeing her again and playing with her boys.  Hope you love them!  

Jessica Washburn - October 2, 2013 - 1:42 am

Ah! I love this post! Amanda, your family is so darling, and Melissa, these capture them perfectly! So many great sibling shots, too–I’m a little jealous ;) .

Cherron - October 2, 2013 - 1:58 am

Awwww!!! These are so gorgeous!!!!!

Angela - October 2, 2013 - 2:53 am

Gorgeous!! Amanda, your family is beautiful, and Melissa you captured them beautifully!

Amanda - October 2, 2013 - 12:24 pm

You are already know how much I love these! I can never thank you enough!!!

Jenkev4 - October 2, 2013 - 12:44 pm

These are gorgeous!!!!!

Keri - October 4, 2013 - 11:50 am

Gorgeous work, Melissa!!! Amanda, your family is stunning!!!!

Living in the moment {July}

“Promise me that you’ll take your time, slow down and just love all three of your babies as much as you can every single day! I know it goes against every single grain in your body, but let the dishes sit, let the laundry sit, don’t stress to get your house picked up. Just take that time to play with your kids and love them as much as you can!!!! “

Seriously every time I read these words I still get the chills. These words were written by my dear friend  back in December after I had Brady. You see, I had written her to let her know I was thinking of her and that I loved her as those were the only words I had to give.  My dear friend Shannon at the time was  preparing herself to say goodbye to her 4 year old boy who had been fighting brain cancer for over a year and whom had just learned there was nothing more they could do for him.   Sweet Asher earned his angle wings on June 30th.  I joined her and her sweet family for the funeral as did all of our dear college friends we were close to.  Stories were told and pictures were shared.  It was hard.. hard to watch the tears fill the eyes of there sweet older boys and to see the heartache in my dear friend and her husbands faces.  But gosh did they all make me proud because despite all the heartache, fear and worry they carried with them those final months, they lived each day as much as they could and enjoyed each other.  They certainly “Lived in the Moment”  and for that (and so many other reasons) I am so so so proud of them.  Those two older brothers continued to treat him as their little brother…  including them in everything the could, playing games with him and listening to his favorite songs with them.    Mom and Dad, took them on trips, their favorite concerts, and just loved each other as much as they could.  And for this I have realized that I have to do the same as much as I can every. single. day.  I try, I really do try, but gosh darn it is hard being a mom these days.  ”life’s responsibilities” can often be overwhelming.. trying to keep up with the laundry, make sure your kids are prepared for school or act the way they should, but I am really really really trying to as much as I can just put those worries aside and just “be” with my kids and all their silliness, innocents and happiness each day, to sit and listen to them and to make sure they know I care and I am there for them. I have learned we need to smile, laugh, hug, and enjoy each other as much as we can because you just never know what life will bring you.  This month I really focused on my three kids and how they interact with each other.  My sweet baby boy started crawling this month (yes.. you heard it right, this kid is 8 months old and crawling… time please slow down)… my kids love it and they are so proud of him, it is the cutest thing to watch. These three kids are really just amazing to watch and the way that Brady has brought us all closer together is just a blessing.  Bella, my spunky little girl most days thinks she is his mommy, haha!  But as she follows him around pretty much every moment of the day, she is so proud of him just as a mom would be and is so encouraging and just pretty much amazing.  and Jacob.. the boy who when I was pregnant anticipated Bradys’ arrival so much and would often say “mom, nothing will be the same again” now loves him so much. Often he will come up to me while I hold him and say “mom, I just love him so much” searching for the words to somehow describe how deep his love is, but can’t come up with more so just leaves it at that.  Brady is the first person both of my kids go to in the morning and of course they both bring a huge smile to his face constantly throughout the day.  I just love how their little voices can entertain Brady for hours (not kidding).  And thank goodness for Bella and Jacob on long car rides, haha!  I just hope they can remember all of these happy times as they grown older and when they are fighting teenagers. Just as much I hope they remember a mom that laughed with them, played with them and took the time to cuddle and love on them as much as I could, because really there is nothing more important than that.


Stephanie - August 1, 2013 - 12:13 pm

Darn you for making me cry, Melissa! This post was full of such heartfelt beauty. Thank you for sharing.

Anika Alonzo - August 1, 2013 - 5:50 pm

First of all, I’m really sorry for your friend’s loss. It’s so unfair to watch someone you love go through a disease like that.

And now your kids. Could they be any cuter? That blonde just kills me! And your little dude’s face? I want to smooch him :)
Cuddle your kids and enjoy them!

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