Living in the moment {April}

My Dearest Bella,

I figured since this was your birthday month it is only appropriate I write this letter to you!  April 1st.. my April fool’s baby. You were actually due March 30, but I figure you just really wanted the diamond to be your birthday stone (smart girl), so you decided you would wait an extra day.  I guess I can understand.  🙂  Oh Bella.. I don’t even know where to start. I feel like 4 is just SO MUCH bigger than 3.  When I look back at pictures from your 3rd birthday you look so much younger. You were still a baby at 3, turning 4, you are a little girl.  As a mom that is just so bitter sweet.  I am so excited for you because I know how much you want to be a big girl, actually I am pretty sure you already think you are about 16 (wink wink).  Sneaking my lipstick (that I don’t even wear), changing your outfit at least 2-3 times a day, even asking to wear deodorant.  Yep, pretty sure you think your 16.  But gosh it is hard to watch your little girl grow up and move out of toddlerhood.  Lucky for me, you still love your cuddles, hugs, kisses, and special time. You still climb in my lab every morning and watch morning cartoons with  me.. and if I am not on the couch in the morning you will tug on my leg and say in your sweet voice, “mom, can we please have cuddle time”.. well, unless you are having a bad morning that voice may be a bit less inviting as you demand, mom, come over here and have cuddle time with me.  (Haha)  You still run over to me every evening with your toothbrush and toothpaste so I can help you… you still need me to kiss your boo boos and hug your tears away…. you still need me to lay with you at night and read you stories… you still climb into bed with your mom and dad at least 75 % of the week… there are so many things you still do that remind that even though you aren’t a baby anymore, you’re still my little girl.  I love every little bit of you.. your sweet side, your spunky side, your caring side, and your loving side. You pretty much crack me up every single day.  You dad and I often have to turn our heads and laugh at you with the funny things you do and say.  And OMG.. you amaze me with how smart you are.  I don’t know how you do it, but you will remember a persons name the very first time you meet them.  At first I thought it was just luck, but no you pretty much have an amazing memory. You can’t wait to be in Kindergarten so you can be in Jacob’s class and you adore every bit of preschool and get mad when it is the weekend because its not a school day.  haha!  You are as close as you can get to reading and you love to read your princess books.  You LOVE dresses and for your birthday when people asked what you wanted you said “dresses”. haha!  And boy do you have style. You totally know how to dress and you are pretty much adorable in everything you wear.  🙂  Soo… for this birthday you had your very first friend party!!  Oh, you were so excited.  The party was perfect and you enjoyed dressing up as a princess, finding missing gems, birthday crafts,  pizza and cake of course!  Your brothers were send off for the day and it was just you, mommy and all your friends.  What a wonderful day!  Sweet girl.. thank you for always putting a big smile on mommies face. I love you more than I could tell you in words.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!




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